Centre for Entrepreneurship office opening, pitch, and excellence award!

On the 31st of January Deep Neuron Lab (DNL) had a chance to participate in TU Berlin office opening ceremony. During the event, we gave a presentation about how DNL utilizes the opportunities of artificial intelligence (AI) and robotic process automation in financial services. Therefore, DNL has been rewarded with the start-up excellence award!


The Centre for Entrepreneurship (CfE) is a start-up service of the Technical University of Berlin (TU). It has opened its new Coworking Space EINS (which stands for Entrepreneurship, Innovation, Network, Sustainability) for start-up founders, researchers, and students. Besides the office desks, the EINS provides meeting and seminar rooms as well as an event space. Its open concept supports exchange between the start-ups and the CfE. Deep Neuron Lab is one of the lucky 13 start-ups that now get to work in this brand-new joint office area.


During the event, one of the founders Andreas Schindler gave a presentation about how DNL approaches the financial industry with the AI. Andreas focused on the business development process of DNL - from hand tailored solutions to scalable products. The presentation was illustrated by three examples of products currently developed by DNL. First, a product to automatically redact personal information from scanned documents to comply with the GDPR in due diligence processes. Second, a solution to extract structured data from scanned contracts in insurance claims. Third, a solution to transform annual reports into a standardized and structured format for further digital processing in credit risk scoring.


Later during the night, Deep Neuron Lab received a start-up excellence award from CfE, TU Berlin director Dr. Florian Hoos and vice president Hans-Ulrich Heiss!