Deep Neuron Lab teaches TU Berlin students Entrepreneurship skills!

Since November, Deep Neuron Lab was involved in leading two teams of TU Berlin students. The goal was to give the master’s & bachelor’s students an insight into the necessary skills for entrepreneurship.


The 8 interdisciplinarystudents were learning about the core aspects of entrepreneurship like idea generation, developing business models, marketing strategies, project management, IP management, entrepreneurial finance, and human resource development. Deep Neuron Lab was responsible to guide them through hands-on use-cases: namely, how to approach real-life market research for a potential product.


In weekly meetings, we discussed their findings, talked about possible insights and planned the next steps. At first, the students did a competitor analysis for our AI-based anonymization tool. After gaining some understanding of the market they started researching potential sectors and creating a hypothesis about where our anonymization tool, could be applicable. The students verified their hypothesis by creating a survey and reaching out to potential customers.


In addition, the teams were testing different pricing strategies. They were able to identify that bigger companies are more inclined to have a fixed yearly license (for better cost planning

internally). Whereas smaller companies showed a more positive reaction to a Pay-per-Use strategy.


Last week the two teams presented their findings in their final lecture. We really enjoyed working with the groups and are thankful for their dedication and work.